Jesus Current

Getting Started with Types

A guide for finding the Jesus story just below the surface of the Bible (with 70 detailed examples)

Many Christians are aware that the story of Abraham and Isaac is an Old Testament type pointing to Christ. The New Testament points to several types of Christ, such as Adam, Jonah, the rock from which water flows in the desert, and more. But in Luke 24:44-47, Jesus states that not only these stories but the entire Old Testament points to him. What should the reader make of such an assertion? Should he look not to just to well-known stories of well-acknowledged heroes of faith such as Moses and David, but even to Jephthah, Samson, and Jehu? What about Esther or Abigail? What about an animal, like the one that lost its life so that God could cover Adam and Eve with skins? What about obscure people, like Hadad the Edomite or the King of Ai? (Who?)

Typology has been a long-neglected but unfathomably rich source of valuable biblical understanding throughout the history of the Church since its inception. In this book, Eric Robinson has laid out a method for understanding and applying typology in a way that the curious and diligent Bible student can grasp and implement personally. By delving into multiple different aspects of seventy types found throughout the Old Testament, the author shows the connective links that bring a specific type together (such as a three-day type, or a younger-and-older-brother type). This then allows the reader to begin to identify a type that is being used throughout Scripture as well as how multiple types are used together in specific contexts to display multiple links to the Jesus account in a single narrative. Eventually, the reader is well-equipped to discover even more types than those outlined here in order to see Christ in multiple passages that were before only considered interesting, disturbing, or even simply mundane.

In The Jesus Current, Robinson builds on his work in Jesus in the Shadows and Over Our Heads in an effort to provide the Bible student with the tools necessary to not only comprehend how types work but to then learn to apply that understanding in a way that will yield immeasurable benefit in all future Bible study.

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