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Eric Robinson has been a devoted student of the Bible since he became a Christian at age 20. Eric has a Master of Science in Biblical and Related Studies from Abilene Christian University and a Master of Arts in Biblical Interpretation from Lubbock Christian University. He has authored two books: Jesus in the Shadows and Over Our Heads. Both have an emphasis on biblical interpretation directly related to Jesus’ life, death, resurrection, and subsequent ministry through the Holy Spirit as seen in all parts of Scripture.

Eric occasionally teaches Bible courses for Dallas Christian College. His greatest passion, however, is teaching small groups of Jesus-followers about the wonders of the Scriptures. There is so much to see, from Jesus in every passage to God’s signature in numbers, names, genealogies, and learning how to understand the Bible in light of ancient history and culture, and more. Eric finds his passion is most ignited by spending time with others and catching glimpses of the divine when living life immersed in God’s Word together.

Gina’s passion runs right alongside Eric’s. Having earned a Bachelor of Arts in Biblical Studies from Abilene Christian University, her abilities to understand the Word from a historical, cultural, and intellectual perspective are excellent, as well as her ability to guide others through it. More than that, however, is her complete devotion to the Spirit and his guidance in approaching the Father through the Scriptures. Gina loves Jesus with all her heart and wishes to see that love spread into the hearts of his people more and more by helping others have a deeper walk with God than ever, learning to hear him personally through his great Book.