Our first Podcast

We have a wonderful small group who we “do life” with and, through the years, we have had people move away or just have seasons of life that make it impossible to get to our Bible Study every week.  We have been asked repeatedly to record our group discussions, but it is difficult to do that well since we have many children who are part of our group and getting a quality recording where you can hear well and one that doesn’t last for a couple of hours is next to impossible!  We started wondering if maybe doing a podcast with the two of us kind of summarizing what was shared in the group and our preparation for group each week might be more helpful.  We are hoping to keep the podcasts to about 30-45 minutes in length each week.  Maybe we can have “guests” come in from the group from time to time to share their thoughts on here!  That would be so fun!

We have been meaning to try this for some time, but getting it all set up and jumping in has been easy to put off.  For me, personally, listening to myself is tragic, but today we decided we just had to jump in there and DO IT.  Bear with us as we get used to doing these.  We want this to just kind of be an open invitation to listen to our “conversation” as we go through prepping for Bible Study every week.  It is not meant to be “perfect” – it is meant to generate more discussion between all of us! I trust that these will get better with time.

This first one is just our first run through as kind of an introduction to how we do Bible Study and a little introduction to 1 & 2 Samuel.

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