It’s been said that reading the Bible without meditating is like chewing without swallowing. This is an apt analogy.

Meditation on Scripture is something to which we are called as followers of the God of the Bible. Though the modern Church is much better at simply reading than meditating, the importance of meditation upon Scripture has been known for thousands of years. Its fruit is both abundant and  enriching for those who are aware of the benefits gained by devoting time to this ancient practice.

Psalm 1:2 uses the word “meditation” to describe the action of one who is blessed by God, likening him to a tree whose leaf never withers and who never fails to produce fruit. The same word for “meditation” is translated “growl” in Isaiah 31:4, where the Lord is likened to a lion growling over his prey. It is the sound a lion makes when he is eating–the low growl that comes with tearing and chewing food. This is what the Bible uses for meditation on God’s Word.

Do we chew on Scripture with the intensity of lion devouring prey? Perhaps we should.

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