There sure are a lot of names in the Bible. Many of them are almost unpronounceable to modern readers. There are some chapters that are made up of almost nothing but names. There is even one place in the Bible where multiple chapters in a row are filled up with mostly name after name after… Read More

Sometimes, the Jesus-story comes jumping out at you when you are reading what is a completely different story altogether. Take the story of Abraham sacrificing Isaac. Our minds long to associate that story with the story of Jesus dying a sacrificial death according to God the Father’s plan. But, in fact, that story is nowhere… Read More

  Without a doubt, this is one of the most essential skills I know for identifying the Christ-story in the Old Testament. It can be a little challenging to get hold of, perhaps, but the benefits it yields will exponentially eclipse all efforts expended in learning to apply it. At its heart, its all about… Read More

This is the first in a series of articles, each one including a different principle, or tip, for how to view the Scriptures typologically. Because many Christians are somewhat aware that, in some vague sense, even the Old Testament is about Jesus (see Luke 24:27), there is little reluctance at least to the idea of… Read More